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Key features
  • 50 hours of instructor-led training.
  • Live project During Training.
  • Certification from Technex'19.
  • Learn to create your own Python Project's.
What is IOT and Cloud with Raspberry-Pi Course about?
  • The All-in-One this course enables you to become a professional Python Developer. Any aspiring programmer can learn this Python Mini Modules from the basics and go on to master in the field of Python Development.
  • Gain hands on experience creating a 10+ hands on Project
  • Know their way that what Python Do.

Course Content

Step - 1
Python Basics
  • What is Python?
  • Programming Language.
  • Getting Started: Downloading and Installing.
  • Variables types and properties.
  • Strings types (raw, Unicode), properties, methods, indexing.
  • sequencing, slicing, finding string in strings.
  • Extracting Links from a webpage.
  • Making Decision, Flow Control
  • Loops (While loop), Break Statement
Step - 2
Module - 1: Browser Automation
  • What is Browser Automation
  • About Selenium and Installing Selenium.
  • What is Web Drivers.
  • Open Your Chrome by Python Script.
  • Get Url in your Chrome.
  • Find Elements by Class, Name, XPath, ID's
  • Fill Form Details Automatic.
  • Automate Zomato and Scrap Data from Zomato
  • Understand More Concept of Automation By Selenium
Step - 3
Module - 2: Image Processing and Face Detection
  • What is Image Processing and OpenCV?
  • Installing Required Modules - OpenCV, Pillow
  • Loading Images and Video Source
  • Drowing and Writing on Image
  • Color Filtering and Edge Detection
  • Haar Cascade Face Detection
  • Eye Detection
  • Create Face Data Sets
  • Train a Classifier with your Faces
  • Detect Your Face
Step - 4
Module - 3: Game Development
  • Introduction of PyGame Module
  • Display Images and Moving an Image
  • Display Text on Screen
  • Drawing and Moving Objects
  • Crashing and Score
  • Create Buttons and Text on Buttons
  • Button Functions and Events
  • Sounds and Music in Game
  • Make Complete Racy Game
Step - 5
Module - 4: Data Visualization
  • Introduction of MatplotLib and Pandas
  • Draw a Line Chart
  • Legends and Labels
  • Bar Charts and Histograms
  • Scatter Plots, Stack Plots
  • Pie Charts
  • Loading Data From Files by Pandas
  • Getting Data from Internet and Convert it.
  • Rotating Labels, Colors and fills
  • Live Graphs
  • 3D Plots
  • 3D Scatter and Bar Chart
Step - 6
Module - 5: Chat Bot Development
  • Introduction of ChatBot and Google Dialogflow
  • Create dialogflow Accounts
  • Create Chat Agents
  • Get Client Access Token
  • Install required Modules
  • Create chatBot
  • Connect facebook with Chat Bot
  • Apply Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

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