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Key features
  • 60 hours of instructor-led training.
  • Live project During Training.
  • Certification from Technex'19.
  • Learn to create your own IOT Project's.
  • Kit During Training
What is Embedded and Robotics with IOT Course about?
  • The All-in-One this course enables you to become a professional Embedded and IOT. Any aspiring programmer can learn Embedded & IOT from the basics and go on to master Embedded and Robotics Development with IOT.
  • Gain hands on experience creating a 20+ hands on Project

Course Content

Step - 1
Introduction of Embedded System
  • Introduction of Embedded System.
  • Why do we Embedded System?
  • Microcontroller Vs Microcontroller
  • Types of Microcontrollers
  • BASIC introduction of C
  • If, if else, for and while
  • Bitwise operators and logical operators
  • Array and String
Step - 2
Working with Arduino
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Architecture of Arduino
  • Digital Input and output pins
  • Interfacing Output Devices with Arduino
  • Interfacing Input Devices With Arduino
  • Introduction of Serial Communication
  • Controlling Devices using Computer And Android Mobile Phone
Step - 3
Basic Electronics and Circuits
  • Voltage ,Current ,Resistance and Capacitance
  • Digital Logic and TTL Logic
  • Introduction of Multimeter
  • Power Supplies (Electrical and Batteries)
  • Switches using npn and pnp Relays
Step - 4
Introduction of Various Type of Sensor/Motor
  • IR Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • PIR, DHT11 Sensor
  • LDR
  • Smoke Sensor
  • DC Motor,Stepper Motor and Servo Motor
Step - 5
Interfacing I/O Devices and Sensors with Arduino
  • IR Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Interfacing Led
  • Interfacing Digital Sensor
  • Interfacing Buzzer
  • Motor drive IC L293D
  • Interfacing Motor
  • Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
Step - 6
LCD Interfacing
  • Type of Lcd
  • Intro to LCD
  • Display character and string on LCD
  • Display digit on LCD.
  • Moving pattern on LCD
Step - 7
Introduction of Serial Communication
  • Intro to Serial Communication
  • RS-232 Protocol.
  • Programming of Serial Communication
  • Controlling Device Using Serial Communication.
  • Interfacing Bluetooth
  • Interfacing RFID Reader
  • Controlling Devices using laptop and Mobile phone
Step - 8
Introduction of Relay
  • Intro to Relay
  • Working of Relay
  • Interfacing Relay with Arduino
  • Controlling home appliances using Arduino and Relay
Step - 9
Introduction of IOT
  • Introduction of IOT
  • Why do we need IoT?
  • Application of IOT
  • Devices and Sensors of IOT
Step - 10
Introduction of NodeMCU
  • Architecture of NodeMCU - ESP8266
  • Pin Mapping of ESP8266
  • First Code on ESP8266
  • Create Local Server by ESP8266
  • Send Data From ESP to Local Client Devices
  • Controlling LED from Your Mobile Browser
Step - 11
Advanced ESP8266 with Cloud
  • Code ESP8266 and Connect with WiFi Network
  • Interacting with Adafruit Cloud
  • Interact ESP with Adafruit Cloud
  • Send data from ESP to Cloud
Steep - 12
Hands on Projects
  • Visitor Counter
  • Controlling Home Appliance using Android Phone
  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Voice Control Home Automation
  • Motion Detector using PIR Sensor
  • Collecting Sensor Data on Adafruit Cloud
  • Controlling Devices using Web page
  • Google Assistant Controlled Home Automation
  • Distance Measurement
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • Robots Controlled by Cloud
  • And many More..

Programming Language and Tools we Used


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