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Key features
  • 40 hours of instructor-led training.
  • Live project During Training.
  • Certification from Technex'19.
  • Learn to create your own IOT Project's.
  • Kit During Training
What is IOT and Cloud with Raspberry-Pi Course about?
  • The All-in-One this course enables you to become a professional IOT Developer. Any aspiring programmer can learn IOT and RaspberryPi from the basics and go on to master in IOT and Cloud with Raspberry-Pi.
  • Gain hands on experience creating a 10+ hands on Project
  • Know their way around a Raspberry Pi

Course Content

Step - 1
Introduction Of Cloud Computing
  • Introduction of computing and its model.
  • Client –Server Computing Model.
  • Cluster Computing Model
  • Grid –Computing Model
  • Shared Hosting, VPN and Dedicated
  • Cloud Services Provider Company
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
Step - 2
Introduction to IOT and Components
  • What is IoT?
  • Why do we need IoT?
  • Applications & Iot Architecture.
  • Sensor and Cloud
  • Arduino & NodeMCU
  • RaspberryPi
Step - 3
Introduction Of ThingSpeak Cloud
  • What is ThingSpeak.
  • Architecture of ThingSpeak.
  • Creating Channel ,Field and API key.
  • Send sensor data privately to the cloud.
  • Analyze and visualize your data with Python
  • Sending Temperature of room or any device to ThingSpeak
Step - 4
Working with NodeMuc
  • Architecture of NodeMCU - ESP8266
  • Pin Mapping of ESP8266
  • First Code on ESP8266
  • Create Local Server by ESP8266
  • Send Data From ESP to Local Client Devices
  • Controlling LED from Your Mobile Browser
  • Code ESP8266 and Connect with WiFi Network
  • Send data from ESP to Cloud
Step - 5
Working with Raspberry Pi
  • Architecture and Hardware specifications
  • Setting up Raspberry PI
  • Flashing the loading the SD card with the OS
  • Write first Code of RPi
  • Interface LED with Raspberry Pi
  • Interface Ultrasonic Sensor with Raspberry Pi
Step - 6
Implementation MQTT Protocol
  • Introduction of MQTT Protoco
  • Publish Subscribe Architecture
  • Concept of Broker
  • Installing MQTT Protocol in NodeMcu
  • Run MQTT Protocol in ESP8266
  • Installing MQTT Protocol in Rpi
  • Controlling Devices Using MQTT Protocol
Step - 7
Node-Red with RaspberryPi
  • Introduction to Node-red
  • Installing Node-red
  • Node-Red Basic Command
  • Input node, Output Node, Function Node ,Template etc
  • Implementation of Various Type of Node
  • Sending and Receiving HTTP Request and Response Using NodeRed
  • Accepting Twitter post using Node Red
  • Introduction of Websocket
  • Chat application using Node Red
  • Reading sensor value using of room using node red(iot)
  • Controlling Device using rpi3 and node red
Step - 8
Rpi web cam Interfacing
  • Using a standard Rpi Web Cam
  • Setup a Raspberry Pi Webcam Server
  • Capture Images using Web Cam
  • Face and Eye Detection in captured Image
  • Controlling home appliances using Arduino and Relay
Step - 9
Hands on Projects Part-1
  • Online Visitor Counter by ESP and IR Sensor
  • Temperature based Alarm
  • Send Temperature and Humidity on Cloud
  • Control Devices by your mobile browser
  • Control Devices by Adafruit Dashboard
  • Store data on ThinkSpeak
  • Send Email notification by ESP8266
Step - 10
Hands on Projects Part-2
  • Interfacing Temperature Sensor
  • Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Raspberry Pi Web Server using Django to Control GPIOs
  • Installing Mosquitto Broker on Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling Device Using Cloud
  • And Many More ....

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