Flutter - Android + iOS App Development & Machine Learning Integration with Flutter

Learn with Mr. Prateek Mishra

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Mr. Prateek Mishra
Sr. Trainer


  • Lectures 3 - 4
  • Duration 15+ Hours
  • MemberShip Yes
  • Projects Yes
  • Skill level Basic to Advanced
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

In this training program, you will not learn only Mobile App Development. You will also learn Machine Learning Integration in Mobile Apps with AWS Cloud. You will learn ....
Day - 1:

1. Start with Basic Dart.
2. Control Statement | Loops | Searching | Function | Modules.
3. Introduction of Flutter and Setup of Flutter in Your System.
4. Create First Default Flutter App with Counter.
5. Start Flutter App from Scratch.
6. Stateless and Statefull Widget.
7. Play with Image inside your Flutter App.
8. Project: Catch me if you Can !
Day - 2:
9. Advanced Flutter App
10. How to set theme data and color of your App.
11. How to build beautiful UI.
12. How to Open Music Files in youe App.
13.Play music from local file.
14. Play Music by Url's
15. Project:Complete Music Player
Day - 3:
17. Use Mobile Camera by Flutter App.
18. Click Photos.
19. How to select image from Gallery.
20. Send HTTP Request from Flutter App
21. Introduction of AWS Cloud and Services.
22. Aws Rekognition and Integration with Flutter using API.
23. Send Selected Image to AWS Api and Detect Objects.
24. Project: Object Detection in Images using Live Camera.

Bonus: Generate Android APK and iOS IPA for Use in Your Mobile.

Learning Outcomes
  • Participation Certificate from E-Cell IIT Kharagpur
  • Get Recorded Lecture after the live Class.
  • Learn About Mobile App
  • Get Understanding ML Integration with Mobile Apps


Mr. Prateek Mishra
Sr. Trainer

Prateek is an entrepreneur and thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence deep-tech industries. He is a leading trainer with expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Python, Embedded and IOT, Flutter, Julia Programming, Blockchain, and Tableau. He trained 5000+ Students.


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